Broken Arrow Company

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Broken Arrow Company
Leader MisterMurdok
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region EU
Server Cobalt
Tags/Abbreviations BAWC
Stats Broken Arrow Company Stats

[edit] Broken Arrow Company

Broken Arrow Company is a highly organized and well communicated outfit. When we run an op, every member is expected to call out the targets and engage them accordingly. As a member, you will be expected to adapt to this play style and work accordingly

Together we will assure the outfit's victory in combat.

[edit] What you need

To assure uninterrupted communication we don't rely on the ingame voip system but use our own teamspeak server instead.

You will be required to join our teamspeak server.

The address will be given to you upon joining the outfit.

Furthermore do we expect our members to join us when ops are running. While we don't forbid lonewolfing, constant absence from ops may result in a kick though. We also kick members after 3 months of inactivity, but they are free to come back once they start playing again.

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