Browncoat Rebellion

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Browncoat Rebellion
Leader Deathcraft
Empire Terran Republic
Region Europe (UK)
Server Ceres
Tags/Abbreviations BCRB, Browncoats
Stats Browncoat Rebellion Stats

[edit] About

Formed on the 25th April 2013, Browncoat Rebellion (BCRB) is a homage to Joss Whedon's short lived show Firefly [1] and one of the factions featured in the show, who fought in the "War of Independance", the Browncoats. [2] After having tried to create two other outfits, one with friends and the other with a random squad, the current leader Deathcraft (In game: Deathcraft6) decided to create a oufit for fans of the show.

[edit] Recruitment

The Outfit itself does not only focus on Firefly fans, but anyone who wishes to partake in the larger strategic game that Planetside is and always has been about.

Being based on a EU server players from Europe are welcome, but those playing out of America or other time zones are also welcome. The outfit is currently recruiting for new members and anyone looking to join should PM Deathcraft6 or the other leaders in game or on the forums, as we are actively searching for like minded players to join in our fight for the Terran Republic.

[edit] Additional

Browncoat Rebellion does not currently have a website, but is in the progress of having a website created for use by members and as a recruitment tool.

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