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The Core
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Leader TheKahn
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Europa
Server Woodman
Tags/Abbreviations [C0RE]
Stats C0RE Stats

The outfit core was formed in 2012-11-26 during a spontan choice of free cooperation by 5 Players that played together in the Fraction Terran Republic on Server Woodman. After the creation, ... a fast growing playerpool was formed and a supporting plattform established in the present website http://the-core.org and TSĀ³ the-core.org:9989.

We are bound on our philosophy of Free Cooperation and Choice... as there is everything provided as gameplay inside Core that peoples are willing to follow or even to create in free Choice that focus on having fun together.

..in this way we may arent defined as a classic clan structure ... more like a pool of players in free cooperation...

..and surprise.. the concept works for us ;) .... we dont need to own the world to have good times and to share fun together ;)

..interested to join us? .. just join our listened platoons and ask for invite ;)

our website: the-core.org

join us on : Facebook

email: [email protected]

PlanetSide Universe
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