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Leader MajorElimRawne, McNab
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Europe
Server Classified
Tags/Abbreviations Cadre, CAD

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[edit] Cadre

We are a relatively new outfit, having been founded just before the end of beta. That said, our leadership consists of first

person shooter(FPS) veterans(vets), PS1 vets and most importantly gaming clan vets who have been running clans on PC Games

(especially FPS) for years and really know what they are doing.

[edit] The Outfit

We also have many FPS vets in our ranks and even a few real life (RL) military/special-forces personnel who have been instrumental in helping develop our game-play and tactics. Although this is a fact we are very proud of, please don’t be intimidated if you're new to the game or FPS in general. We also pride ourselves on having a helpful and friendly team. Those of us with good knowledge of the game, tactics and little tricks of the trade are more than happy to help.

[edit] Game-play Style

As previously mentioned a lot of the tactics and general game-play we employ have been (and continues to be) developed by FPS

vets and RL military personnel which definitely brings a different way of looking at things than the average gamer.

During ops (which we hold every night for those who wish to attend) the focus is very much on tight team work, squad play and

comms. Don't worry if you are not a strong FPS player, as long as you enjoy teamwork and have no problems with following the

Squad Leader's orders during ops you will do fine!

[edit] Requirements

  • Teamwork - Teamwork is what its all about, you must be willing and able to join in with comms and squad-play.
  • TeamSpeak - TeamSpeak is a must. If you don’t have a microphone, get one. Even the cheapest, desktop mic is better than

nothing. No comms = No teamwork.

  • Discipline - During ops discipline is a must. Orders are there to be followed not discussed. If You disagree with something

you can bring it up after the operation, otherwise it can be seriously detrimental to operational effectiveness.

  • Age - 18+ You must be over 18 to join.
  • Fun - Its a game at the end of the day (a great one at that) and so we strive to make sure that everyone is having fun. We

have plenty of time which is much more relaxed than Ops if that isn't your thing although we would prefer everyone to join in

on them when they can.

[edit] How to apply

Create an account on our website and make an application post on the forums using this template - Then log onto TeamSpeak (details on our website) and introduce yourself, preferably to someone with an officers rank but just make yourself known.

If for whatever reason there are no officers on, be sure to check your email or the forum as we will send you a message upon

your acceptance as a recruit.

[edit] Rules

  • Teamwork - Our focus really is on teamwork. If you cant do this then maybe we are not for you...
  • Pride - Always be proud of the clan. Wear those tags with pride!
  • Cheating - If you get caught cheating/hacking you will be instantly banned from the outfit, website and TeamSpeak. NO ifs,

NO buts, NO excuses. This will not be tolerated.

  • Abuse - We all know that bad language gets thrown around in the heat of the moment or when just having a laugh, lets be

realistic. However, malicious intent in things you say and do, or failing to adhere when told to stop/calm down (even if your

intention wasn’t to offend) will not be tolerated. Depending on the circumstance you will get a warning or immediate ban. We

wish to keep a friendly atmosphere in which people can relax and play.

[edit] External Links

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