Capn Blue Beards Crew

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Capn Blue Beards Crew
Leader CapnBlueBeard
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region AU
Server Briggs
Tags/Abbreviations [CBBC]
Website None
Stats Capn Blue Beards Crew Stats


[edit] The Intro:

We are a fierce band of pirates set to destroy enemy facilities and plunder them for certs. We show no mercy when it comes to fighting on the battle field. People call us rouges, bandits, and rebels. However, what we see is a militia, mercenaries, a crew.

[edit] The Cap'n:

Our leader is CapnBlueBeard, the deadliest pirate to set foot on Auraxis. His lore is like no others. Bluebeard was born in November of 2815. The exact date of his birth is unknown, but what is known is that he was born on cold, black and stormy night. His mother, Isabel Vasquez, lost her life giving birth to a baby boy who she named Ricardo just minutes before the life faded from her eyes. There was no father present, because the man whom Isabel had loved and with whom she had conceived a child was put to death by the Terran Republic. Not much is known about Ricardo Vasquez between the years of 2815 and 2831, except that he was a homeless boy that had to lie, cheat, steal and even murder to get by. He was born from blood, of blood, and continued a life of blood.

At the age of 16, Ricardo Vasquez dropped his name and began to call himself BlueBeard. He only called himself this because it was how people used to referred to him. It was a name used to make a mockery of Ricardo's blue beard which was a result of a chemical spill during a weapon robbery. He eventually adopted the name out of spite and swore to become the most feared man on the planet.

During the following six years of his life Bluebeard began to hone his skills as a gun-for-hire and eventually became the leader of a small band of mercenaries. After many raids on enemy facilities he became a harsh leader that did not allow disobedience, but he also became respected and feared by his squad mates. Soon after he had gained the unwavering loyalty of his squad he began to turn them all to piracy with promises of certs, experience, and adventure. As Bluebeard's squad scoured the facilities of Indar, Amerish, and Esamir for riches, his crew gained immensely in size. He was no longer Bluebeard; he was now CapnBlueBeard.

[edit] The Crew:

Each crew member has their place on the ship. Whether it be chucking the explosives or patching up the poor sob that got his legs blown off, each pirate is important. Even though the cap'n throws his men into an enemy max, deep down he cares about their well being. Most of the crew is very quiet and keeps the chit-chat to themselves during an operation. If these operations are a success, the whole crew burst out into a giant party. Most of these parties last up to 2 minutes before the cap'n orders to move out. Although they are pirates, the crew is very welcoming to new players; showing helpful techniques on taking out the enemy.

[edit] How to become a Crew Member

Simply get on Planetside 2, message CapnBlueBeard, wait for him to invite you, then welcome aboard! It is preferred that you have some sort of heavy explosive other than a grenade at your disposal, otherwise it is as easy as firing a flintlock! Don't know what a flintlock is? You have much to learn..

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