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Cerberus Gaming
Leader Lamira
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region North America
Server Classified
Website Official Website
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Cerberus Gaming, abbreviated CG, is a community for gamers looking for something more than a temporary home within a game. We are a community of competitively minded gamers seeking to evolve and succeed both as individuals and as a group. Our members work diligently to create a community we can be proud of; we play to win, and always have a positive, respectful attitude towards each other and the community at large.


[edit] History

Cerberus was founded in 2009 within a third person shooter called Global Agenda. Our guild enjoyed much success within the Agency versus Agency system; we regularly came out on top and built a reputation as a talented and feared group. After the game's decline in popularity, we explored various new games until we landed in the relaunched APB: Reloaded. Yet again found ourselves at the highest level of competition, enjoying a strong win rate and very high threat levels.

Throughout our history, we have always been a strong, supportive community of individuals who enjoy each others company. We have always remained active as a gaming community, and have stuck together through rough patches without quality games to play. Our goal has remained consistent and focused throughout the years; to excel in any task we take on and put in the maximum amount of effort to achieve that goal.

[edit] Cerberus in PlanetSide 2

We are focused on establishing ourselves as a dominant force within the game and community. We are actively practicing in similar titles in preparation for PlanetSide 2, as well as heavily participating in the community. Our community's support is behind PlanetSide 2, and we will create a flourishing community, a deadly outfit, and a memorable legacy.

Cerberus will be only establishing a single Vanu Sovereignty outfit on a North American server. Our outfit specialization is currently undecided, and we will be selecting a particular certification path based on our experiences in the beta tests. We will not be spamming invites or letting everyone who applies into the community since we are very selective about who joins our community. We take pride in maintaining high membership standards.

[edit] Why You Should Join

Our successful background in small team games, such as Global Agenda and All Points Bulletin, gives us an advantage going into PlanetSide 2. We come from a background where individual skill is a necessity, as well as operating as a cohesive unit to complete objectives. Our history and experience translates exceptionally well into a game like PlanetSide 2, where a small coordinated platoon can have a massive impact on a battle.

Our community is highly focused on creating a positive and enjoyable environment for our members. We strive to create an online home for our members, where everyone is excited to come together and play games without any stress or strife. We also regularly hold community movie nights and play other games such as League of Legends or Battlefield 3.

[edit] Applications

We have a mandatory application process for all potential recruits. Anyone seeking to join should register an account on our website, then read through our application guide. Once complete, applicants are encouraged to game with us while on our Mumble server. Applications will be handled on a case by case basis, and selection time varies based on activity, maturity, and how well you mesh with the current community. We are very selective about who we bring into Cerberus, as we are looking to maintain a high standard of membership.

Applicants who are looking to make a serious effort to join the community should display these traits:

  • A willingness to play with guild members and an interest in teamwork.
  • Dedicated to spending time within the community.
  • The ability to take feedback and actively implement it.
  • A competitive drive and desire to evolve as an individual and as a team.
  • Initiative to communicate and interact with guild members.
  • Most importantly, the desire to have fun while playing with guild members

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