Championship Gaming Series

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[edit] Where

Server: Mattherson

Empire: NC

[edit] Requirements

Age is irrelevant here; however skill in a shooter is relevant. This is a limited learning outfit. We expect you to know how to shoot and be able to follow tactics.

Please read the requirements.

A. Members must know how to use comm breaks effectively and be able to control your communication when necessary by squad and platoon leaders.

B. You will be accepted to the outfit when you prove you have done at least one of the following:

1. A lan event in which there were monetary winnings or prizes in a shooter.

2. CGS ( Championship Gaming Series ) Qualifier+

3. CPL ( Cyberathlete Professional League ) Upper Bracket+

4. CAL ( Cyberathlete Amateur League ) Playoffs+

5. CEVO ( CyberEvolution ) Playoffs+

6. ESEA ( E-sports Entertainment ) Playoffs+

7. Prizefight or Tournament etc.

This isn't all of them but you get the idea. Some exceptions will be considered if you are an exceptional player and do not have any league or lan experience.

[edit] To Apply

Send friend invite or /tell darksingularity

P.S. Outfit created December 9 so bear with me as we get members.

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