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Leader Baptist
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Europe
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations CONZ
Stats Consortium Stats

Consortium leading the way. All the way!

What We Are About

Consortium is a large organised outfit that has been running since the start of the Planetside 2 beta. We bring together people from all over Europe to play together within hardworking squads all to achieve a common goal. We run 12 man squads and normally run up to 4 squads. Changing our tactics to the situation our combat involves massive platoon battles or separate squad tactics.

"Our strength does not lie within the individual players skill. We are not any better players then anyone else. Our strength and effectiveness comes from our organisation, teamwork and dedication." Baptist, Outfit Commander

When we do Ops.

Operations or Raids if your are used to the traditional MMO are run Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 6PM GMT. Normally lasting till around 10PM. We also take part and lead in NCTO Alliance Operations. Squads are constantly running all day and there is always someone to talk to or play other games with on our teamspeak. Currently we have around 50 people active most nights.


Must be willing to use Teamspeak 3 . Must be willing to be active within the community. Your Main character is a NC on Miller.

What We are Looking For.

We are currently looking for any English speaking players that are willing to use Teamspeak 3 and be a part of this new forming community. We are looking for players who want to further their planetside knowledge or help other players further theirs. We are looking for squad leaders and platoon leaders.

How to Apply.

Go to our forums at and post an application.

Officer List.

Baptist (Outfit Commander), Grndctrl, Grymm, Kable, KingBeer, McStrike, Osiris371, Queasy, Sebb,

PlanetSide Universe
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