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Leader Boof
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region North America
Server Classified
Website Crux Recruitment Forum Page(Planetside Universe)
Stats Crux Stats

Crux is an upcoming PlanetSide 2 outfit dedicated to air combat.


[edit] Specialization

Crux has a hard emphasis on aerial combat and flight techniques. Our goal is to be the most deadly birds in the sky. We will work as a team and fly as a unit into the battlefield and strike key targets to turn the tide of war. While Crux has a serious side, PlanetSide 2 is just a game and when the time is right we will treat it as such. Flying in formations and wreaking havoc is fun and all but nothing is funnier than watching that formation dive straight into a capture point.

[edit] Ranking

Crux will incorporate an outfit ranking system (hopefully an in-game one) to keep track of who is experienced and who isn't. Moving up the ranking system will grant you more authority within the outfit. With more authority you will be able to do things like conduct ops, train new players, and other fun stuff.

[edit] Recruitment

Crux is all about enjoying PlanetSide 2 whether it be epic air raids or hilarious crashes. We want you to have as much fun as possible! If you'd like to join, we're always looking for new members on any of the following forums:


Planetside Universe

[edit] Server

I (Boof) will be playing from the East Coast and I expect a good majority of members will be on the east coast as well. It's not clear whether this will matter or not. There may be a nation-wide server, two different servers, or three different servers. It's unclear at this point in PlanetSide 2's development.

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