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CyberneticPunks is a gaming community with members who are dedicated, mature, and skilled. In Planetside 2, we strive to dominate every facet of game play; from ground pounding to vehicle combat.

We also believe that real life comes first. Therefore, we take our time in-game very seriously. We strive to be as effective as possible with the time we share together. This means we have a "no nonsense" approach to gaming.


[edit] Current status

With the announcement of the impending PlanetSide 2 beta, Cybernetic Punks is fully focused on operating as a premier Terran Republic Outfit, with heavy recruiting underway. Along side IronFist and TRG, Cybernetic Punks is a member of the CTC alliance which was formed during pre-beta Global Agenda.

[edit] A Brief History

Cpunks (red) Domination in Global Agenda
Originally a pre-beta Global Agenda outfit, CNP quickly became a dominant force by achieving superiority in the conquest portion of that game. Since the failure of Global Agenda to produce deep gameplay, CNP developed into a hardcore gaming community that has spanned multiple games, yet always keeping our competitive edge.

Cybernetic Punk was one of the first to sponsor and organize eSport events for Starcraft 2 back in its beta days. We provided professional grade tournaments and events for one of the largest gaming communities in existence. Around the same time, we dabbled with League of Legends at a competitive level.

[edit] Command Structure

At a basic level CNP is designed to be a "roots up" organization, where emphasis is placed on squad leaders and fire team competency. From there, the chain of command is typically a CNP officer or officers, depending on situational needs or, in the case of CTC joint operations, the PIC.

[edit] Atmosphere

CyberneticPunks maintains an enjoyable atmosphere by encouraging members to engage in any form of gaming with each other. At any time, you will find CNP voice has members playing other games as well. Even if our focus is Planetside 2, we encourage members to stay active for the social aspects even if PlanetSide 2 is not their cup of tea. As we develop as players, Cybernetic Punks also aims to grow as a community within the game. Being respected members of the Planetside 2 community is a never-ending goal all CNP members have.

When in-game during an operation, we expect strict chain of command adherence. This is simply for the fact that we play the game to dominate; we don't have time or patience for time wasters in-game.

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