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Dipsomanic Cavaliers Brigade [DCB]
Leader Snoipeh96
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region UK
Server Cobalt
Tags/Abbreviations Harrasser, 1 Unit.
Stats DCB Stats

The Dipsomanic Cavaliers Brigade are a tight functioning, hard hitting unit of light vehicle drivers and gun operators. When not hunting for enemy armour in packs we set ourselves singular important goals to achieve on the ground. Be it taking and Holding Generators, control points or creating kill zones - when DCB sets and objective they see it through and make ten men feel like a hundred.

Formed predominately of a group of friends from Suffolk, England - The Outfit was originally formed back on the server 'Ceres' during the game's earlier release by Nappazly. However, after the server's merge with Cobalt, the outfit was removed and a new one formed, this time by Snoipeh96. These two, along with a few other members, honed the art of Harrasser warfare and created the Outfit's Primary play style.

PlanetSide Universe
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