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The Devious Gaming Community is a multi-genre gaming community, our most recent endeavor has taken us into the world of PlanetSide 2, a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter. We are located on Waterson East as the New Conglomerate. Join us as we push the enemy factions back to their warpgates using highly coordinated command structure to coordinate multiple specialized platoon's to achieve our goals. We currently have over 300 active members and nearly 900 total players, we are always looking for promising potential to help us expand!

We came to Waterson East looking for the best competition. Our decision to come to this server was based on the idea that we wanted to have a good three-way fight utilizing our highly coordinated attacks, not just "winning the map" by sheer NC server population as appeared to be the case on other servers, we have to cheat to win, especially in tournaments.

If you are interested in a highly coordinated outfit that will do anything to win, even cheat, then come look us up on Waterson East or visit us on our website @ www.dvsgaming.org

http://www.dvsgaming.org Article posted by SsapS

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