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Leader Ender31
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region US East
Server Mattherson
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Website www.dasanfall.com
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[edit] History

The name. I get this question all the time, "Where did your name come from, what does it mean, you know it's wrong, right?" The name came from a guild in a MUD long past called p-universe. My friend was in a guild called DasAnfall (I was a 7th grader) and I thought it was pretty awesome. DasAnfall should actually be Der Anfall since the correct German article is Der, oops, guess the guild leader had bad German. From what i've looked up/been told its loose meaning is The Attack or The Onslaught. Can it mean other things? I'm sure, but i'm sticking with The Onslaught.

DasAnfall was originally created back in 2004 for a small group of friends who wanted a concrete in-game place for Planetside 1. Since then there have been a great many overhauls, forum wipes, site changes, and so on. The core group of players remain throughout it all in addition to many other gamers who have affixed the DA tag to their online gaming career. SWG, CS:S, and Starcraft are a few of the other games DA has played or is playing at the moment.

In PlanetSide 1 we started extremely small and met some amazing people who we still talk to today (many have joined). In 2006 I decided that I really wanted our name to stand out and make an impact like the Ghosts of the Revolution, Azure Twilight, The Enclave, etc. I wanted people to know who we were, so I mass recruited. We quickly went up to 200 members. After a few months of Zergapalooza one of my newer officers and his friends decided they wanted to start their own outfit. 56 people went with. I grew tired of similar BS that accompanies mass amounts of people and booted everyone except a few core players and several others, we'd start fresh.

[edit] Planetside 1 : DasAnfall 2.0

A newer outfit was starting to catch my attention, Delta Triad. They responded to situations quickly and attacked with precision. I was hooked. We adopted the play-style on the outfit level and started our growth over slowly. The fast-response, precision-strike, never-say-die play-style is addicting. You're constantly against the odds and there's always people gunning for you. This brought the gameplay in Planetside to a whole new level of fun.

[edit] Planetside 1 : BFRs & ChinaSide

BFRs seriously changed gameplay and with the addition of mass amounts of Chinese fielding them, battlefields were haunted with robots obliterating even the most skillful Armor teams. Eventually a soldier named Blahman pioneered the path to removing these atrocities to an otherwise great game. He created this Video

NeoPhoenix took it to a whole new level and became the first person across all servers to attain BFR Buster Platinum (The highest merit for killing BFR's at the time ~1,000 BFR's and 4 without dying). His work can be seen Here. Since PS was dying many of the DA guys had moved onto CS:S. Me and a few others could't let go of Planetside and remained. I decided it was my duty to the Sovereignty to rid Auraxis of those nasty biffers and quickly followed in Neo's path. I was the 2nd to achieve BFR Buster Platinum across all servers and some of the carnage left in the wake can be seen Here and Here

[edit] Planetside 2

For a long time I didn't know if DA could find a place in Planetside 2. Given the larger battles it really lends itself more towards larger outfits and overwhelming your enemy. The small, tactical, quick-response force seemed like it was going to be a thing of nostalgia. As the game evolves more and more i've been out there watching, recruiting, Streaming, Uploading Videos, and participating in a quickly changing game.

What i've discovered is that now, more than ever, smaller outfits can indeed make a massive difference in Planetside 2. The only catch is you have to be on the ball and very communicative with everyone else in your squad(s). Everyone has to contribute or you'll fall flat on your face. A Squad can outmaneuver a Platoon if it can move quickly and decisively.

[edit] DasAnfall 3.0 (April 26th, 2013)

DasAnfall is currently ranked 8th across all servers for Outfits 12 members+ and sorted by the experience per member metric. We are an extremely effective fighting force and can usually take on 3:1 odds currently. DA is growing, as Planetside 2 matures more players will seek out the fast-response playstyle because its FUN. It keeps the player coming back for more on a personal level and ALWAYS has you in the thick of the action. No waiting with 100 other people for a timer to finish, no mass comm spam wishing you were deaf, just quick deploys, drodpodding into enemy lines to secure an area with seconds to go, holding off three times your squads numbers, and having competent players at your back. Unedited Resecure footage here.

[edit] Recruitment

WE WANT MORE TEAMMATES. While we do recruit selectively, anyone can run with us and jump on our teamspeak server.... provided you don't spam it (auto-ban). Ops communications are kept almost strictly tactical save for downtime. Many of our members run with 2,3+ K/Ds; However, this isn't a large part of the recruitment process. We really do want the best players, but if you're an extremely good support player and listen well you will probably fit in with us. We do also give any player with a sub 1.0 K/D as much 1 on 1 time as they need with better players to help them become a more effective Planetside 2 player. We just like winning, if you like winning and have good communication skills, we can help you! You can teach someone how to aim, you cannot teach them communication. Apply via our website, give me a shout in game, or check out our official recruitment thread on the Planetside 2 forums.

[edit] MLG

MLG is something we really want to do. It's hard to say how this will work given the current lack of overall information regarding PS2 and its MLG venture. I believe DasAnfall fields one of the most effective squads in the game right now and know that 4 of those squads (48 Man MLG Platoon) will deliver some serious ass-kicking. I will NOT relax recuiting standards to hit our mark though, should this be the case there are 2 other outfits we work with that have also considered MLG. DasAnfall's Ninja Force will be a contender, be a Ninja, be DA.

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