De Oppressione Liberare

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De Oppressione Liberare
Leader EnemyWithin
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region EU
Server Cobalt

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De Oppressione Liberare - DEOL - (latin; "to free from oppression") derives its name from ancient earth. The similar, but incorrect "De Oppresso Liber" (considered to mean the same) was the motto of the United States special forces of old.

Following the tradition of the special forces, DEOL is committed to support "natives" (i.e. zerglings) by supplying tactical training and empowering them to rise up against the tyranny of VS and NC by running public platoons and giving leadership advice. The false doctrines of Vanu and New Conglomerate are considered oppression and a threat to peace and prosperity and consequently have to be fought against with full force.

DEOL was founded in February 2014 and has yet to gather the numbers for 24/7 combat.

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