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Death Before Dishonor
Leader Ravage
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Server Classified
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Death Before Dishonor is a Battlefield 3 and PlanetSide 2 gaming clan that uses real-world military tactics and ranks. However, Death Before Dishonor does not require its members to roleplay as if they are in the military. DBD was originally created for Battlefield 3, and enjoyed success in the game, even getting a silver medal in the PCGN 12v12 League. DBD later decided to expand to PlanetSide 2 in the months leading up to its release, hoping that PlanetSide 2's scale and persistent world focused on the capturing of bases would provide a better environment for employing their military tactics.


[edit] History

Death Before Dishonor was originally created by members from a military-realism clan known as "OP4" that left due to many issues related to abuse of power and unfair treatment of members. These members left to another TeamSpeak server, Digital Themepark, which also hosted OP4's TeamSpeak. The server was formerly the home of OP4, and housed many different gaming communities, the largest of which being a flight simulator community. Digital Themepark's owner Zoolander, agreed to create channels for the new clan and allowed them to stay in the TeamSpeak, having good relationships with founding members Ravage and DoctorWired. After the creation of the Battlelog platoons and the DBD website, Death Before Dishonor was officially created with roughly 35 members.

[edit] Post-Founding

For the first month, the majority of the command and members worked hard, collaborating to create the essentials of the clan - its constitution, the council, the branches, and the command structure - in an attempt to stabilize the unorganized madness. After setting-up the bare necessities of the clan, the newly appointed branch commanders and officers scrambled to pull together the required training courses for their branches. In addition to creating the training, members of command worked to establish new relations with other clans and get the DBD name out there. Fortunately, clans like United Brotherhood already had great relationships with the founding members of Death Before Dishonor. At this time, members also had begun to schedule the clan's first scrims. Though the amount of members originally limited the scrims, these matches created a tight bond between the players that frequently played them. In addition, the players were able to continue the winning streak that they had experienced in OP4. As DBD continued to grow, bringing in more disgruntled OP4 members and new recruits, DBD began to play in larger scrims. They also joined its first league, PC-Gamers. It was in this league that DBD won a silver medal in the 12v12 Ladder, losing in the final match against Violent Industries.

In May 2012, FIST, a clan that DBD frequently scrimmed with, approached DBD with a merger proposal. FIST had recently been suffering from internal issues, and could potentially crumble. Willing to help out a friendly clan, Death Before Dishonor merged with FIST. Ranks that FIST members held were respected and transferred over. DBD's membership rapidly bolstered as a result. The FIST migration brought a lot of new talent and skills to DBD. Training was added to and improved with the knowledge brought over by the old FIST.

[edit] Structure

Death Before Dishonor's memberbase can be divided into three groups: the Enlisted, the Officers, and Command.

[edit] Enlisted

The core membership of the clan, the Enlisted are the regular members that play, have fun, and contribute to the clan, but do not handle recruiting, training, or administrative work. Without all of the Enlisted members, DBD would certainly not exist.

[edit] Officers

Officers are members who not only enjoyed playing the game and being part of the community, but they also wanted to hold responsibility in the clan and help further the clan's progress. Officers do a wide range of work, from training to recruiting. Officers are essential in the survival of the clan, as they take a lot of the smaller jobs off of the Command.

[edit] Command

The Command consists of the CO, the XO's, and the JAGs. They are the top of the clan and ensure that DBD continues to thrive and exist. They do a lot of administrative work and are usually in charge of administering disciplinary punishments. They also usually represent the clan when dealing with multi-clan affairs.

[edit] Membership

Most people come to Death Before Dishonor because they want to play as part of an organized unit and are tired of running solo with players who won't work as part of a team. People also come for the gaming community that DBD exists in. Death Before Dishonor is part of the larger Digital Themepark TeamSpeak community, which also features a notable flight group. This TeamSpeak allows members to play with people who are not in DBD, and even members of other clans or outfits, as long as they are not in the official DBD channels.

DBD members also can enjoy the right to protection by the clan's constitution.

[edit] Recruitment

Death Before Dishonor is looking for any players that want to learn how to be an efficient member of a combat-effective and tightly bonded team. In return for trusting Death Before Dishonor, we shall return the advantages that an official, written out constitution provides, as well as nice, responsible, and approachable command members. We also promise to provide you with an expansive gaming community where new friendships are guaranteed to be made, and potential opportunities are not withheld from you because of your rank or status.

[edit] Requirements

Requirements to be eligible for DBD recruitment:

- Must be 18 years or older (or, if younger, a "trial" period to prove maturity will be required)

- Cannot be part of any other clan that plays Planetside 2 (multi-clanning is allowed if said clans DO NOT play "official" DBD games)

- TeamSpeak 3 Client

- Basic Teamwork skills or the desire to learn them

- Basic Communication skills or the desire to learn them

If you meet these requirements and you are interested, please visit our website at (Note: Some areas of the website are restricted due to limitations of non-member accounts.):

And visit our TeamSpeak at (Note: You MUST sign onto our TeamSpeak and speak with an officer, who will take you through the recruitment process before you are considered a member.):

[edit] External Links

Official Website

Death Before Dishonor Website

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