Deathwatch Gaming

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Deathwatch Gaming
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Leader Archdemon
Empire Vanu
Region EU
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations Tactical, Outfit, Teamplay, Teamspeak, TS, Specops, Shocktrooper

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[edit] Who are we

Deathwatch Gaming are a highly dedicated group of FPS & TPS Players. We make a name for ourselves where ever we go, we pride ourselves in our dedication.

We have gotten our recognition out there through: Featured on Planetside 2: Facebook and Twitter

Had our recruitment video displayed on the Command Center Ep 11 - fast forward to 23:35

“We are all about surgical strikes and the strategical planning that comes with that. If you see 2-3 Galaxies dropping on the enemy armor collum creating a big vacuum in there its more than likely to be us.”

We put heavy weight into teamplay, so even if you're aim is **** you can carry your team in other ways.

Watch one of our Drills

[edit] Our Purpose

Our purpose is to drive a stake into the heart of our opponents and that's not something you do from the front, we attack from behind we look at alternate ways to strangle our enemies, maybe a head on zerg is not always the answer.

We are forced to be more proactive in our defences and attack strategies, we look at the bigger picture and use the zerg in our advantage instead of joining it. We figure out alternate ways to fight our opponents, we use our wits and knowledge within the strategical field.

Example: Instead of fighting the zerg head on, pick another target you know they will have to come and defend or strangle their air support from the warpgate this will stir up some people and it will allow our defences to breath and strike back.

[edit] Our Goals

Our Goals is to be the best equipped outfit, to be the deadliest squads, to have the highest efficiency rating known to man. We want everyone to strive to be like us, we want to set the standard for outfits.

[edit] Joining

A few notes on joining Deathwatch Gaming:

  1. Applications must be made on the Deathwatch Gaming forums.
  2. There are mandatory certifications recruits must cert in over the course of their trial period. (You have 2 months after joining to get these certs)
  3. Recruits must me 16+ or older, everyone uses teamspeak when playing
  4. Recruits will be judged on their ability to work as part of a team and their communication skills over any and all attributes. Teamwork takes priority over individual skill in every aspect that is reviewed.

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