Decisive Universal Strategic Tactics

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Decisive Universal Strategic Tactics
Leader ChrisLand, Daedaelus, CyrusLynn
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region North America
Server Mattherson
Tags/Abbreviations [DUST]
Stats Decisive Universal Strategic Tactics Stats


[edit] Introduction

DUST is a outfit built upon years of gaming experience. The command staff have been running clans in multiple games for years now and know how to do it well. In PS2 we often find ourselves running a public platoon and commanding the field.

[edit] Play Style

We are laid back and like to do many "Spec-Ops" type of missions behind enemy lines. We do often stay with the larger groups however but focus on taking territory that makes sense as opposed to just farming XP.

[edit] Recruitment

Contact ChrisLand in game. We do not spam recruit, there is no application at this time.

[edit] Rules / Requirements

1. Don't be an idiot 2. Fit in with our group 3. Teamspeak

[edit] Other Info

We are a medium sized outfit with a "Quality over Quantity" mentality. Our members can handle themselves in combat and we pride ourselves on being a tight-nit group of friends who play games together. This is a short wiki article because I would rather be in game playing then writing this!

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