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Delta Force is a brand new outfit debuting on PlanetSide 2. It is our mission as an outfit to provide a sense of camaraderie to our members, as well as an enjoyable playing environment. Delta Force plans on developing our members into a skilled medium sized fighting force, capable of changing the tide of battle, but small enough that our members are not simply a cog in a great machine. To accomplish our goal Delta Force will utilize all vehicles and classes, and will organize ourselves into four distinctive units.

Our Namesakes:


Delta Force will be broken into four units: Spec Ops, Air Division, Armour Division and Commandos.

SpecOps: Made up of the best and the most dedicated, Spec Ops will consist mainly of infiltrators and light infantry, but will also include a handful of heavy infantry, medics, engineers, and MAXs, Spec Ops will be used for reconnaissance missions, disrupting supply lines, and capturing points behind enemy lines.
Air Division: Consisting of pilots, gunners, and a small infantry force(mostly engineers), Air Division will assert Delta Force, and New Conglomerate air dominance around the clock. Air Division will be responsible for reconnaissance, troop transportation, dogfighting, and escorting armoured and infantry columns during deployment.
Armour Division: By combining light and heavy tanks, as well as MAXs, Armour will be utilized in base captures and defense, as well as open-ground warfare. The Armour Division will also be responsible for the protection of Sunderers while they are transferring troops. They will also team with the Commandos to field a fast response unit that utilize the superb mobility of the Flash vehicle.
Commandos (Infantry): The backbone of Delta Force, The Commandos will utilize all classes to provide a cohesive infantry force that uses innovative tactics to overcome enemies through force and misdirection. Deployed almost anywhere Delta Force has a presence, Commandos will be used for a variety of missions, from galaxy drops to base defense to fast response unit.

Rank Structure

As of now, we are waiting to see what is necessary ingame. However, we have filled a few positions. Outfit Leader: Blues EU Commander: Blues; EU Senior Officers: maskedskull NA Commander: heilari; NA Senior Officers: thebruchs

In terms of expansion for squad or division leaders, Delta Force is always looking for talented players who have tactical experience and have the skill to lead.

Code of Conduct

As previously stated, we aim to be a fun and supportive community that cooperates to control and destroy our adversaries. Delta Force expects its members to uphold a degree of maturity, sportsmanship, and professionalism. It is Delta Force's belief that members should show mutual respect to not just other members, but to our allies and enemies, for poor behavior reflects badly on not just the outfit, but on the whole NC empire. To uphold these values we have some set expectations:

  1. Be civil to squad members, outfit members, allies, and enemies.
  2. Excessive swearing as well as overt sexism, racism, antisemitism, etc. will not be tolerated.
  3. Delta Force members will act maturely and will not intentionally kill a fellow NC soldier, whether it is for revenge or for fun. This reflects badly on the outfit and the New Conglomerate.
  4. Internal disputes will be handled outside of public channels/forums. Nobody wants to hear people bicker, solve it in private conversation. If the issue is 'unsolvable' take it to your commanding officer. However, remember this is a game, and it is meant to be fun.


As previously stated, Delta Force is looking to recruit both casual and hardcore gamers. We will then organize them into two categories:

Privates: Players who can play once or twice a week and want to join in on big battles and operations.
Officers: Available 3 or more nights a week, will be able to earn promotions in rank and role through consistency and reliability and will have command responsibility.

Privates and Officers can be promoted but to different degrees. Private to Officer transition and vice-versa are entirely possible. All members will be expected to pick one of these ranks by the time Planetside 2 launches.

All applications are treated equally, whether they're applying as officers or privates. We encourage applicants to not only post on the forums on PSU, but also on our temporary forums here: , where they can introduce themselves and get to better know their fellow outfit members.


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