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Delta Triad
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Leader Mirror
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region North America
Server Classified
Tags/Abbreviations DT
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Delta Triad was formed on January 23rd 2005 in the MMOFPS game PlanetSide. Originally intended to be the final part of a triad of 'Outfits', Delta Triad was to be a small group of experienced PlanetSide players. Due to its link with the other two Outfits in the triad (NCSF and Total Mayhem), DT attracted a veteran group of players and began building momentum.

During the first few weeks the original leader of Delta Triad found the ambition of the rest of the group exceeded his own and decided to leave the Outfit. From the early members, MirrorBOY and Dart were chosen as the new leaders. As established players among the community they were able to recruit friends they'd fought with or against, to join the founding members. The clan concentrated on exclusively recruiting experienced & skilled players, quickly becoming one of the most difficult clans in PlanetSide to join. Since the entire clan was comprised of veteran players, a chain of command was deemed unnecessary and every member of Delta Triad was awarded the same rank to signify that they were all equally important.

As the clan grew DT moved further away from the triad of Outfits, finally severing all ties and becoming a stand-alone community. During this time Delta Triad began to expand into other games, recruiting talented new members, each of whom embodies the DT ethos that with skill and teamwork a small group of players can defeat a far larger one.


As the game where the clan was formed, PlanetSide has a special place in the history of Delta Triad. Playing on the East Coast US server (Emerald) and in the guise of the purple spandex-wearing Vanu Sovereignty the clan was fortunate to be founded by a small group of experienced players, quickly establishing it as one of the premier Outfits on the server. Many of those early players are still active in the clan including S0D, Vegeta13, AntiVelocity, Donut, AlienMouse, Despiron, ElectricVenom, RagOnAStick, Kazzmann5000, Tetryon, Kelan, MirrorBOY and Dart.

Delta Triad members several months after clan creation - 2005

During this time the clan gained a reputation for capturing enemy territory with only a handful of players and then defending those “bases” for long periods of time against far greater numbers. In fact DT became so synonymous with one particular enemy base called 'Dagda' that the clan was known by many simply as Dagda Triad. The early success enabled the clan to recruit many veteran players including Jakaul, DemoMan, FlyingHippo, rev, Navus, thesauce, AngelicRage, LEX707, Jay, Kanya, SharkTank, Sh0ck, Darkmoone, LackHalo, Tristen, Andeh, Predator56, Dethode, Goldy, and Cheatz. With the influx of new talent the clan would usually field at least one full 10-man squad a night and frequently topped the PlanetSide monthly leaderboards during this time.

Midway through 2006 SOE announced there would be an official inter-Outfit tournament dubbed 'Outfit Wars'. Delta Triad was one of 24 clans on Emerald to enter the competition. It was a hugely popular event among the community and caused a great many players to resubscribe to the game simply to compete for bragging rights and the honor of their clan. Delta Triad ultimately won the tournament, being the only Outfit on the server to post a perfect record of 6 wins and 0 losses. The Outfit Wars victory brought with it more recognition and once again the clan managed to bolster its ranks with some excellent additions including DrSomewhere, Lost, xTrippy, discomfit, Espion, Angel, Mohawk, NickyP, WeAre138, MasterCalaelen, Ireni and Duffboy.

Delta Triad members before an Outfit Wars match - 2006

After the Outfit Wars the clan enjoyed several more years of continued success in PlanetSide, as new members continued the traditions laid down by their predecessors. However as happens with games that reach the age of PlanetSide, eventually more members became jaded with the game than could be replaced without lowering standards. Refusing to go down that route, the group agreed to suspend recruitment in PlanetSide as DT began playing other games. These were dark days for PlanetSide as a whole and very few of the players or clans who made PlanetSide great remained active during this time. DT was only kept alive within PlanetSide by FlyingHippo, Angel and Kanya who made sure the clan would still have some representation in the game where it was formed.

However towards the end of 2010 rumours began emanating from SOE headquarters in San Diego of a sequel to Planetside, originally called PlanetSide: Next. This news was met with great enthusiasm from just about every member of the clan and caused much of the clan to return to the game, with Mirror and Dart leading the charge. Although the game was now well past its prime, the clan still found some challenges remained and in February 2011 became only the third Emerald VS Outfit to achieve the ultimate 10,000,000 Outfit Point total. A feat which is all the more impressive considering DT has never had more than 50 active members and the only other two Outfits to reach the milestone each have around 1,000 members! During this renaissance the clan reopened recruitment and amid a great deal of interest two successful applicants emerged; Buzz and Akito.

Delta Triad members before a raid - 2011

With these new additions the Outfit within PlanetSide was finally complete. PlanetSide has been the most important game in the history of the clan and Delta Triad's success within PlanetSide is undeniable. From terrorizing our enemies to leading our allies, from winning the Outfit Wars tournament to amassing 10,000,000 Outfit Points, from 2005 until the present day, Delta Triad has been one of the most successful Outfits in the history of the PlanetSide.

In fact the only event likely to end DT's dominance of the game where it was formed looks like being the release of the sequel; PlanetSide 2.


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