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Leader MAC1
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region US East
Server Waterson
Tags/Abbreviations drev, digirev, ps2, direv
Website http://www.digirev.net
Stats DigiRev Stats

Short, Simple, Sweet

Teamwork, Dedication, Tactical Efficiency, Results, Friendships, & Fun If these are the things you are looking for, then look no further...

The fight on Waterson proves to be one of the most difficult for the NC faction. With constant double-teaming from enemy factions the NC face a hard road ahead. However, it is time to light the beacons and unite the clans! We will now longer sit by and idly watch the NC unwillingly bend at the knee! If you are tired of getting left in the dark and mercilessly slayed by the TR and VS, its time to make a change...

We are only looking for dedicated team-players to add to our ranks and build our community! When it's time to take care of business all the nonsense gets left at the warp-gate and only the strong move forward with us! No job is to big or to small for us to handle. When the call for help is heard, we will be there! Its time we give the NC a fighting chance!

If you think we are the right fit for you learn more about us @ www.digirev.net and join our ranks.

We are currently averaging around 750 outfit members & sport 1 to 2 active platoons on the average night, and 3 to 4 platoons during event nights & weekends. We are always looking for strong squad leaders to learn the ropes from our commanders and grow their leadership skills.

DigiRev - Outfit and Gaming Community is not for everyone!

View the Check List below to see if you may qualify.

Quick Reference Check List:

 - Do you have a Microphone?
 - Are you a Team-Player?
 - Can you follow orders effectively?
 - Can you move at an ample pace?
 - Can you make useful suggestions when needed?
 - Will you be active on our forums and website?
 - Will you make our TS3 server your new home [active on Team Speak 3]?
 - Will you help out new players and/or struggling squad mates?
 - Are you a generally positive person with a descent personality?
 - Are you intelligent, wise, and employ common sense?
 - Are you courteous to others?

If you meet the above requirements then WE WANTS YOU!

Fight for MAC! Fight for Glory! Fight For Freedom! Fight for the NC! We will not bow down to the Lizard King!

.: DigiRev :. - Gaming Community, Platoon, & Outfit

PlanetSide Universe
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