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Located on the east coast of USA in Ashburn, Virginia, Waterson server is home to at least 25 outfits of varied size and strength. All three factions boast a strong presence. The NC and TR average above 35% together, the NC high during the day while giving way to the TR as the evening grows on. The VS are generally under populated and average around 25% global pop. Combat on the server is, nevertheless, fairly evenly matched. The Auraxians on Waterson bring a host of skill and experience to the table, ensuring a roughly balanced conflict across Auraxis.


[edit] Please note: this information needs updating since the latest server merge.

[edit] Known TR Outfits

Ordo Imperialis [OI] [TR]

Archangels [AA] [TR]

Armored F1ST [AF] [TR]

Aurora Clan/ ARC [TR]

Devil Dogs [TR]

Edge-Gamers [TR]

Fallen Angels [TR]

Hostile Paradigm [TR]

Imperial Reach [TR]

Legion 13 / LG13 [TR]

Let the Brit Drop [TR]

Metus Imperium [TR]

NUC Gaming [TR]

OppositionBeDamned / ODAM [TR]

Prime Evil [TR]

[QPRO] - Quiet Professionals [TR]

Section 5 [TR]

Terran Republic Assault Force / TRAF [TR]

The Art of Warfare [TR]

The Crimson Dawn - (V1C1)

Outfit:382nd Terran Air Wing /382 [TR]

3rd infantry division /3ID [TR]

[edit] Known NC Outfits

The Iron Wolves [TIW] [NC}

Delta Ozaukee [DEOZ] [NC]

Planet Express Crew [PXP] [NC]

Sons of Liberty [LBTY] [NC]

Fraghaus [NC]

Digital Revolution (DigiRev) [DREV] [NC]

Tactical Gaming [NC]


Comando Brasil [NC]

1st Cavalry Division [NC]

[DVS] - DVS Gaming [NC]

Arclight Auraxis [ALAX] [NC]

Heart of Darkness [NC]

Blue Dream Mercs [NC]

Balion Mercenaries [NC]

Darkfire Company [NC]

EZ Company [EZC] [NC]

GotU and the Getters [NC]

Iron Cadre Elite [ICE3] [NC]

Phoenix Battalion [PHX] [NC]

Arméns Jägarbataljon [AJB] [NC]

Adventure Medics [JEKL] [NC]

[edit] Known VS Outfits

Blaze of Glory [BOG] [VS]

Vanu Revolution [VREV] [VS]

Vanu Drop Squad [VDRS] [VS]

Xen of Onslaught [XOO] [VS]

D3RP Company [VS]

Sentinels Gaming [VS]

The Pony Brigade [VS]

Warrior Nation [VS]

Quantum Dawn [VS]

Sentinels [VS]

Vanu Hotdrop Syndicate [VS]

Toxin Raiders [VS]

eV Gaming [VS]

Purple Wraiths [R8TH] [VS]

[edit] Known Alliances on Waterson (by faction)

The Vanu Alliance of Waterson

PlanetSide Universe
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