Dignity Of War

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Dignity of War
Logo1 1360279007.jpg
Leader Samej321, Kharonstyle
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region EU/International
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations [DIG]
Website http://dignityofwar.com
Stats Dignity Of War Stats

Dignity of War is an outfit that has been around since the launch of Planetside 2.

[edit] History

In the beginning, the outfit invited anyone they came across. This led to the numbers skyrocketing up to a maximum of approximately 2500 members. They realized that they couldn't continue going on like this as that would lead to the inevitable death of the outfit. The measures they took against it was to make website signup at www.dignityofwar.com mandatory. This took their numbers down to roundabout 500.

Around June 2013, the outfit was split into two separate entities: Dignity of War with the old tag [DIG] and Dignity of War Tactical which is also known as [DIGT].

The new Dignity of War or [DIG] functions similarly to the earlier form of the outfit, having no real requirements and mostly catering to a casual player base. Ever since the change was made, the outfit's member count has increased to over 2000. Open platoons with in-game voice communication are hosted by skilled and helpful members of the community for recruitment purposes and/or simply to let people enjoy a slightly more organized experience. Those players are constantly encouraged to join our Teamspeak server and sign up on the website to be more integrated in the community.

On the other hand, Dignity of War Tactical or [DIGT] has its focus on more strictly organized gameplay, being comprised of all the members of every division in the previous, unified version of the outfit. In order to join this side of the outfit, you are required to use Teamspeak 3 and have certifications that are required for the particular area of expertise of the division you've chosen to be part of. Minors are only accepted when a 18+ player vouches for them and takes responsibility for this decision. Your duties as a [DIGT] member are to have a decent degree of activity, attending most of the scheduled trainings and Friday Night Operations (FNO). Outside of this, you are not bound to a strict playing style and are free to play as you wish.

[edit] Hierarchy

The hierarchy in Dignity of War is relatively simple. First off we have the Member rank, this speaks for itself. Next we have the Lieutenant rank, this rank is for the seconds in command of the various divisions. After that is the Major rank, which is for the people who contribute an extraordinary amount of time and effort to the outfit. Finally there's the Leader rank which is reserved for the leaders.

[edit] Recruitment

We only have 1 requirement for people who want to join us:

1) You have to sign up on our website: http://www.dignityofwar.com

We made this our one and only requirement so we can offer people a more enjoyable gaming experience as well as keeping better track of player activity. We currently have an 86% activity rate.

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