Dirty Deeds

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Leader Darkside
Empire Vanu Sovereignty
Region North America
Server Mattherson
Tags/Abbreviations DTYD
Website http://www.ddgamers.com/

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Dirty Deeds | Doing the nasty

Dirty Deeds is an outfit focused on vehicle assisted infantry combat. We utilize infantry in concentrated force to take down the enemy. We are an organized group that will adapt to any situation. PS2 is just more fun with a good outfit so head to our web site and get registered. We are currently playing Planetside 2 and accepting recruits.

[edit] Requirements

We currently only have one requirement for membership in this outfit and that is to download and setup mumble. We strive for troop organization and that's nearly impossible without VOIP software like mumble so help us make this game fun for you by joining us on mumble.

[edit] Goals

Winnning: We love to win, who doesn't.

Growth: We know that no outfit survives without recruits. We are always actively seeking like minded folks that enjoy video games as much as we do.

Fun: As much as we like winning, we all know we play games for fun. That's why we exist. PS2 is way more fun with a good outfit to play with and that's what we look to bring to you.

Legacy: We may not be the biggest outfit in PS2 but our goal is to be feared, avoided, may be even hated by our enemies.

PlanetSide Universe
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