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[edit] Introduction

DoYouHaveAnyBatteries [UHAB] is an EU based (Ceres) casual Outfit for Vanu players. The main focus of the Outfit is to provide team based gameplay without the usual pressures and obligations of Outfit membership. All activities and operations are optional, as is voice chat. Generally the outfit intends to be a competent group of Planetside players who casually enjoy the game and achieve objectives as a group, entertaining each other as they do so.

[edit] Voice

UHAB uses Mumble for voice communications. Speaking is not required, although it's recommended to join for general communication (Even when you mute yourself as you don't want to talk, don't have a microphone, ...).

[edit] Server address


Port: 64738

Ask Papierkorb or Tobberz in-game if you have problems connecting.

[edit] Organization

We think that Planetside2 is no futuristic military simulation and thus shouldn't be played as one. We usually have a small squad rolling over Auraxis in the evening, but nothing that could be considered as a "operation". We help out where we can, though we focus on fun over productive gameplay (Still, most of the time those two go hand in hand, so it's not a real issue). The outfit has a democratic, loose organization. We don't demand any high activity and have no problems if someone decides to hang around elsewhere. We are a more family-style group with no pressure.

[edit] Applications

UHAB has an open recruitment policy and at the time of posting anyone can join without meeting any conditions.

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