Drop Bears Zergfit Of Doom

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Drop Bears Zergfit Of Doom
NC Logo Deviant 387239.jpeg
Leader XinniX
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Oceania & Asia
Server Briggs
Tags/Abbreviations ZFOD, Zergfit Of Doom
Website ZFOD Forums
Stats Drop Bears Zergfit Of Doom Stats

Drop Bears Zergfit Of Doom was founded on the 10th of February 2014, and created by a group of founding members on the premise of providing zerg tactic warfare content to Australian, Asian and New Zealand timezone members of the New Conglomerate playing on the Briggs server of Planetside 2. Currently led by XinniX, 'ZFOD' stands as one of the largest NC outfits on Briggs.


[edit] Background

ZFOD was born when ex-RSNC leader Xinnix left RSNC to play on Connery. He realised that what made planetside 2 fun was the big fights that he experienced on Connery. So returning to Briggs with this knowledge he set out to swarm NC Briggs with the zerg and restore balance to the elitist outfits of Briggs. This was the re-birth of the zergfit and the inception of ZFOD. Joining Xinnix were RSNC defectors who were turned to tide of the zerg and formed the core of ZFOD. A new era is upon us, the zerg scourge will be upon briggs once more...

[edit] Play Style

We are an outfit that mainly focuses on organised zerg platoons and do outfit only ops on tuesday and fun ops on sunday. We also do optional squad work at the discretion of commanders. R18 and ZFOD are members of The Banana Republic and best buddies^_^. Most platoons are open to the public and ANY outfit members are allowed to lead squads/platoons.

[edit] Membership

To become a member simply accept a random invite or ask an outfit member, everyone can invite!

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