Drunken Legion

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Drunken Legion
Leader Boots
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Australasia/ SE Asia
Server Briggs
Tags/Abbreviations [DLGN]
Website http://drunkenlegion.co.nz/home
Stats Drunken Legion Stats

Drunken Legion is a casual, socially focused outfit where things like driving tanks under the influence of alcohol are not just permitted, but highly encouraged.

We are officially based on Briggs.

We are most active on weekends and evenings between 5:00pm - 12am NZ time.

We are firm believers in social (and drunken) gaming and we are dedicated to gamers and gaming in general. We do a lot of multiplayer and co-op gaming as well as socialising as we go about our own singleplayer games. So if you aren't in need of an outfit, but would like some company as you go about other games, you are welcome to check us out as well!

Sound like the place for you? Grab a beer and jump in!

You can join us by messaging; Boots, Bulltahr1 or Cacharadon in game, or signing up on our website.

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