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[EDG3] EDG3 Gaming
Leader Cloudy87
Empire Vanu
Region AU
Server Briggs
Website www.edg3online.com
Stats EDG3 Stats

Official EDG3 recruitment.

What is EDG3? So you heard about EDG3 at some point? Little words flung around? Maybe we are called a zerg outfit? Maybe we are considered a threat? Hell, maybe we are even called the largest outfit on BRIGGS. But EDG3 is all of these things and more ... EDG3 isn't just an outfit but a Gaming Community. We have strong moral beliefs of leadership and comradeship. As an outfit, we allow each of our members the chance to squad or platoon lead, offering anyone a chance to lead full working platoons and supported by trained squad leaders over a dedicated VOIP (Teamspeak 3). New leaders are encouraged to push through their mistakes and wear them proudly as they develop their own leadership styles. At EDG3 we believe that each person is a capable platoon leader and each person leads differently. Many pubs and other outfits enjoy running in our platoons and we offer gameplay to suit both hardcore players and casuals. Depending on who is leading will change your whole gameplay, but that is where the fun is. Each of our leaders are under strict rules to ALWAYS teach noobs how to play, work coherently within a squad and as a faction and also most importantly to teach people how to squad lead effectively and/or platoon lead like a hero. If you join us on out Teamspeak server, we even offer a protégé system, where you can apprentice yourself over a month to a particular leader who will teach you all their skills and styles. This is especially handy if there is a particular person you feel like emulating or adapting upon.

As a Community EDG3 has long evolved past just being a Planetside 2 outfit. We now also offer a Teamspeak server, open to all of your friends to join full of rooms dedicated to any and all gaming. We also offer a voting system on our website that allows members to lobby for a dedicated EDG3 server ... in anything. If you can promise at least 15 people to play a particular game, we will rent you the server. We also offer admin roles in many of our games and even if a game doesn't offer admin powers, we still offer you administration for the channel. There is also an opportunity to be apart of something and help build a piece of a community in your image.

We have a fleshed out ranking system that even has a thought out management structure that offers growth to the individual as a person. So why not take free lessons?

Extended Community We don't just push for leadership, but creative pursuits. We are always looking to offer people chances to make videos, animations or anything you want. We are currently looking for artists for a new logo! Web masters! You name it and we always try to cater to what you want to learn! We even got asked to support someone in making a game using Unity, so we gave them resources to make it real. We offer achievements outside of the ranking system. Symbols of honor for actions above and beyond. We offer titles of Directors (Twitch, Animators, Youtube, Let's Play's), Artists (Logos, Images, Fan Art) Sound Engineers (Audiophiles) among many many more. Here is a Taste of our activity

Some of our Leaders






Retired Leaders: Foxtrot





What we have to Offer EDG3 Website http://www.edg3online.com/

TeamSpeak 3 Server; edg3gaming.typefrag.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/edg3online

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/EDG3-Gaming-Online/366666590102983

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC015-t7Z-A2pRgXnCUCP9jg

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/EDG3Gaming

MineCraft Server; IP:

Rust Server; IP:

H1Z1 Clan; EDG3 (Jump on Teamspeak on release)

World Of Warcraft Clan (Modded) Server; Warsong 1.12 (Private Server) Get on Teamspeak for more details and see 'Cloudy'

Star Citizen: (Stay Tuned for the release) Alot more games are being played like "Star Wars: Battlefront 2", "Counter-Strike: GO", "League of Legends", "Team Fortress 2" and many more.

PlanetSide Universe
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