Elementary Beginnings

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Elementary beginnings
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region EU-West
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations Army, combined arms, casual, active leadership.
Website http://www.elme.games
Stats Elementary Beginnings Stats


[edit] Outfit discription

Elementary is an military style outfit with combined arms which trives on its ability to not Zerg and the high usage of communication in-game. Teamspeak is availble for the outfit and is encouraged but the main communication is in game, where most of the members reside. Participation with the outfit comes on a free basis, believing that if you would like to join you should but, if you dont feel like it you don't have to. This is one of the main reasons ELME is so popular with most players, that can go in and leave at any time they wish. Most players join into organized platoons as they feel, like the leadership, it's the most fun way to play the game.

[edit] Outfit rules

Elementary currently has only 3 rules, you must register on the website. When you are in one of our orginized platoons, you must follow orders. If you are not active for over 1 month, you will be kicked if you didnt leave a valid reason why you were afk.

These are also our recruitment rules.

[edit] Outfit features

Battlestyle training, Active leadership, Motivation, Role Play (in the sense of ranks and militairy doctrine), combined arms, coordinated attacks with allies are things you can expect when joining ELME. We also have tactical (more serious) squads, including Air, infantry and tanks.

[edit] More details

There is currently no outfit that Elementary is aware of that follows the same guidelines for leadership, including its militairy doctrine, on the Miller server. <We do not state that it is the best, but that it is diffrent.

ELME actively listens and tries to cooperate with leadership and orders chat, which is usually an uncommon trait found in other outfits.

ELME is a cooperative outfit which tries to enable its members with whatever they would like to do for the TR. No idea is crazy enough to try, no voice is discouraged. If you want to help, you will be put to good use. If you feel like you want to change the TR, ELME is the place to start.

[edit] History

Elementary beginnings (formerly ELEB, now ELME) is an outfit with a long history. Originally created by Alongstory as a recruitment pool for the outfit: Elementary (ELME) - thus the name Elementary beginnings - both outfits were merged at some point and the new ELME became one of the driving forces of the TR.

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