Emerald Immersion

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Emerald Immersion
Leader Pronixx
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region Europe
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations [EDIM]
Website www.emeraldimmersion.com
Stats Emerald Immersion Stats

Emerald Immersion was a massive Vanu Sovereignty outfit on the server Miller. The outfit was known for its frequently formed companies (2 platoon +), combining commanders from the outfit with random players.

Today the already again feared Outfit is regrouping and forming companies frequently you can notice when being online. The membercount dropped from massive 300-500+ to around 200 with momentary almost 100 active players which is, for an organised outfit, a good number looking into the overall population. Day after day new people are joining Emerald Immersion due to their good reputation and well done work in communication and leading squads and platoons.

You can find more about them in the official Planetside 2 Forums: Emerald Immersion - Play as a team

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