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Fast Insertion Strike Team
Leader Rabb
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Europe
Server Classified
Website FIST Gaming
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FIST - Combined Arms and Teamwork


[edit] History

FIST it's self doesn't have much history as it has been formed for PlanetSide 2, we have both PS vets and first time MMOFPS players. We're a laid back group, who know when to put our game face on. Teamwork is our main priority, no matter what game.

[edit] Recruitment

FIST is currently recruiting players for PlanetSide 2 in UK/EU time zones.

We have no plans to be the largest outfit in PlanetSide. We will be effective, focussing on quality tactical team play rather than quantity swarm tactics. We will work closely with other outfits that our veteran members already have good relations with. Deploying on joint ops whenever possible, the aim is for rapid deployment of combined arms squads. Be it base rescue, spoiling attack, head on assault or behind the lines infiltration, we will leave the enemy knowing they got FIST’ed.

[edit] Terran Republic Alliance

FIST is a member of the TRA. This is an alliance of outfits

The TRA was an alliance for smaller outfits back in the Werner days that worked closely together to create a better experience for all involved. It allowed small outfits to be part of something larger without loosing there independence and uniqueness.

Each outfit retains full independance within the alliance. The alliance is a manner to work together and achieve better results than would independant operating outfits. It is not a top outfit that absorbes all participating organizations.

TRA Forum

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