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Leader TheRight
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Server Mattherson
Tags/Abbreviations FLDS
Website https://sites.google.com/site/fldragoons/
Stats FearlessDragoons Stats

Hello to all visitors, NC allies, and members of the FLDS. We are a small support outfit which complements the New Conglomerate war efforts on the Mattherson Server for Planetside 2. Being fearless, we must stay true to our name, and be ruthless in battle. We do not hide from combat, we delight in it. As of yet, we do not have specialized sub-units, but once our outfit grows, and becomes more involved, this could become a possibility.

[edit] Outfit Description

The FLDS is primarily an Armoured Outfit, and as such, players should choose classes that complement our strengths. The NC command the strongest ground vehicles in the game, and we should use them as much as we can. Although we do not specialize in air support, having a few soldiers proficient in their use will benefit this outfit.

[edit] Specialized Units

At this time, the Fearless Dragoons do not have specialized units of players. As players become familiar with each others, these will start appearing here.

PlanetSide Universe
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