Fight Club

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Fight Club
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Leader LardMan
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Europe
Server Classified
Tags/Abbreviations FC, FC Werner
Stats Fight Club Stats

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We are one of the oldest NC Werner outfits in Planetside, and still going strong; we've seen it, done it and bought the T-Shirt. From large tank convoys to balance-of-war changing special ops behind enemy lines. We are always looking for new recruits, so if you're looking to join up, make sure you check out our website and have a nose about the forum. Ask us questions in game and come and have a trial run to see if we're the right outfit for you!

While teamwork is important, Fight Club has always been a place of entertainment for those who've just come home from a long, dreary day at the office. The community is what comes first, and our forums have always been busy to reflect that fact. From newly planned tactics to purile banter, you will see it all on the Fight Club forums.

As an outfit Fight Club have tended to shy away from the official Planetside Forums. Most outfits - especially enemy ones - didn't even know who we were, yet we have always been at the forefront of continent assaults and defences.

We were also one of the earliest Special Ops outfits on Werner, before everyone jumped on the mossie QRF bandwagon - we still pride ourselves on being a Galaxy dropship spec ops team who have always played fair. Five years ago most outfits didn't have a clue how to accomplish successful generator kills or stealth base drains, but there we were! And we're still there now.

We also participated in all of the NC Werner alliances, groups of the highest calibre outfits on our empire who worked together to cause much trouble for the enemy.

Not bad for an outfit just out for some fun at the end of a 9-to-5 shift eh?


[edit] Play Style

Fight Club consists of so many different players. We have players between 20-50 years old working all manner of jobs all across Europe and America. Some people want nothing more than to blow away everything in sight. Others are perfectly happy to heal, repair and drive these people. However there's one thing in common that we all believe makes things fun. Playing together.

During the week, you'll see us along with "the zerg" in squad vehicles, AMS setting or on foot together. We try to steer away from mindlessly running one at a time into a well defended enemy base (although sometimes that's all that can be done...) and try to group up before heading out to a target. You may also see us trundling about in Thunderer APCs to try and sneak behind the fight to do some damage.

However, that's usually only when the numbers are lacking. When we have a squad or more online we start our Galaxy engines and hop onboard for a more tactical mission. This usually means hot-dropping onto an enemy base/tower to capture or cripple it in a specific fashion. Done right this can have huge consequences across an entire continent and even win the continent for your empire, without them realising it most of the time! Even during special ops which need a fair bit of co-ordination and concentration, we still manage to heckle and make fun on Teamspeak or in outfit chat, it wouldn't be fun otherwise ;)

This is what sets us apart from the "l33t" outfits of Planetside, that the goal isn't to bend every in-game rule in order to "humiliate" the enemy. Our goal is to enjoy the evening after hours and hours of tedious office work. If you're out to try and prove to the whole of the server that you're the greatest player ever then maybe this isn't the outfit for you.

Some outfits look down on us for this reason, believing us to be a 'zergling' outfit. Most of those people are whingey l33tboys on the wrong end of our weapons, who don't know anything about us or our long history. Only a handful of other NC outfits have been playing long enough to remember the days when Fight Club and Nordic Assault could decide a continent's fate just by boarding a couple of galaxies.

Nobody said we were the best - but we're not aiming to be ;)

[edit] Events

Our weekly events have left trails of destruction across worlds while we engage in themed events. Videos of some of our more 'special' events are on our website's videos page.

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