Galaxy Elites

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Galaxy Elites
Leader RectangleCombinez
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Australia
Server Briggs
Tags/Abbreviations GALZ
Stats Galaxy Elites Stats

We are the Galaxy Elites, a social outfit based on making tactical drops and raids. If you wish to join, enter one of our public squads/platoons or send RectangleCombinez a friend request.


As the Galaxy Elites, we do multiple types of operations. These include:

Galaxy Drops Sunderer partys Flash Rushes Tactical Defence Air Chase (Harrasser with anti-air heavy or max in the back) Air Support (Lib and Reaver bombing runs) Evac (Removing other squads out of deep enemy territory in a fight they werent gonna win) Warpgate camping Reconnasaince Sabotage Ghost Capping Battle support

Operating Areas

Unlike other outfits, Galaxy Elites do NOT operate only on a single continent and change when there is an alert.

We take the opinion of the people (As us freedom fighters do) and are usually found on areas with alerts, or just any random continent. We regularly take the squad to the VR for some target practice, which has proved effective in direct combat.

PlanetSide Universe
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