Galaxy Hotdrops

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Galaxy Hotdrops [DR0P]
Leader Bunnty/Spudmonkey123456
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Australian
Server Briggs
Tags/Abbreviations DR0P
Stats Galaxy Hotdrops Stats

We are an outfit over 400 strong operating on the Briggs server.

We specialize in Galaxy Drops, engaging in maneuver warfare as well as combined arms operations. We've got the skills, the cohesion and the leadership to take on forces larger than ourselves and give a damn good bloodying.

We are also a great outfit for rookies to join, both because we can give advice on how you should kit up, how to play the games and a few more basics, but also because we could always use more boots in the Gal and more troops in our ranks!

We pride ourselves in both our capability, and our fun take on the game. Races, Pirate Ship battles, and generally foolishness is a matter of great pride in [DR0P]

[DR0P} Leads the Way!

PlanetSide Universe
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