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Geronimo Gaming
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Geronimo Gaming is a recently founded gaming community that relies on a few principles. Freedom, openness, fun, and fellowship. We strive to provide a relaxed atmosphere without demands where our members can just enjoy their free time at their own leisurely pace. We aim to provide a flat structure where everyone has a say, to provide a freedom of playing what you want, when you want. Currently we are looking for mature people that share this mindset.

We are currently spending the majority of our gaming time in Planetside 2. We started out a few weeks ago and are now hooked. While we may not have much experience in Planetside 2, a lot of us come from a Battlefield 2 modification called Project Reality. There we have lead clans consisting of more than 60 members, regularly conducting battles of at least 32 players on each side, and sometimes up to 50 per side. We have experience that we are now applying in Planetside 2. So far it has been brilliant.

Our goal is to have one or two evenings each week where we organise a squad and go out and have some fun. We will of course play more days than those, but some members can only play a few nights each week and we try to have set dates where we can conduct our operations.

Our members also enjoy a variety of other games, such as L4D2, Company of Heroes, Portal 2, and more.

We hope to see you around!

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