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Ghosts of the Revolution
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Ghosts of the Revolution, commonly referred to as GOTR, is a large community of gamers and one of the longest standing Planetside outfits. The community began as an outfit on Planetside's Emerald East-Coast server, and in recent years has founded chapters in other games, but with the core of the organization still focused on Planetside.


[edit] History

The Ghosts of the Revolution was the first outfit to be featured in PSU's official Outfit Spotlight. The full article can be read here.

[edit] The Pillars

The Pillars are the most fundamental rules of how GOTR operates. They've been in place for over a decade, with only minor modifications being made. The violation of any 'pillar' is considered grounds for removal from the outfit.

Pillar 0: Real Life Comes First

  • The function of the indvidual within the team is important in PlanetSide. If you're head isn't in the game you can cause problems for others. If you want to take a night off, or an extended break from the game, please do so. Playing when you're feeling burn out will lead you to resent the game even more. We'd rather have you take a break from the game than learn to hate it. We ask that you let us know that you'll be on leave for a given Thursday night raid. Knowing who will be online and how many troops is part of our planning. Remember, you're not asking us for permission. Just letting us know.

Pillar 1: The Forum

  • Particapating in the forum is a good way to learn new tactics, discuss strategies and share stories. Share your ideas. Offer constructive feedback to others.

Pillar 2: Voice Communication (Teamspeak 3)

  • During scheduled events, like the raid, practice nights and the SFR, being on TS3 is required. You don't have to talk, but we expect you to listen. Communication is what makes us more than the zerg. It's less important during the off times (between events). If you're doing the solo thing, it's OK to not be on voice. You might want to log in anyway so you can hear the smack talk and jokes and any relevant tactical info. If you want a leadership role though, having a mic is required.

Pillar 3: Respect and Sportmanship

  • We are what we do. We treat all players with respect, even our opponents. We earn the respect of other outfits and empires by showing good sportsmanship.
  • We do not hack, cheat or exploit, nor tolerate those who do.
  • Treat others the way they wish to be treated. Keep sexism, racism and all those -isms to yourself. We're here to have fun, not to take verbal abuse.
  • Respect the Chain of Command. This is more important in PlanetSide than most of our other games. It takes a measure of discipline to coordinate and control 30 to 100 players at once. We don't ask you to blindly follow everything we say - but we expect you to wait until a quiet moment to ask. Mid-air right before a Galaxy drop is not the time.
  • Abide by game specific rules. PlanetSide's complex and military like nature requires a few more rules than other games. Specifically, we do not Team Kill. If you're dueling or someone asks you to kill them so they can respawn elsewhere, fine. If someone of our empire is harassing you or blocking something, or otherwise jeopardizing empire/outfit operations, ask your officers before TKing.

Pillar 4: Participation

  • For PlanetSide, we expect you to be with us (if you are online) in game on Thursday nights, 730 PM to 10 PM Eastern. Our ability to win depends on how many troops we have. We need your certifications to give us flexibility. We understand that sometimes you really just want to solo, but Thursday is special for us, and if at all possible, if you are online you should be in one of our squads and on voice.
  • If you live in a time zone that makes those hours hard for you, or if you're working the nightshift, let us know. Real life always comes first. We won't be mad at you for being on leave. We might be annoyed if you never show up and never tell us why or when you might return.
  • Being part of a organized and large team is the purpose for the existence of the outfit. It's the purpose of joining the outfit. If you join the outfit and then later stop getting on voice or participating because "You don't like large groups" then you joined the wrong outfit.
  • All members will join a division. You can change divisions by making a transfer request to your current and future commanding officers. We require this because we don't want you to be standing around Sanctuary wondering what to do or what's going on. We also like to know the relative troop strength of each unit. If you are new to the outfit you may transfer relatively freely as you find your niche. The special operations division (Daemon Legion) units require approval to join. This usually involves a tryout period.

[edit] Structure

GOTR is divided into different operational specialties referred to as "Divisions". Allowing the outfit to accommodate virtually every play-style.

555th Death Angels- GOTR's main fighting force, a group of infantry whose primary tactic involves deploying from Galaxy dropships and Sunderer ground transports to capture objectives.

Fallen Elite Armor Regiment (F.E.A.R)- A flexible group of vehicle operators that works together to dominate the battlefield outside a facility's walls.

  • Wind Wraiths: Air to Air and Air to Ground pilots that act as the guardians of the skies for the rest of the outfit.
  • Phantom Guard: A group of land vehicle operators most commonly utilizing the Magrider for land battle slug-fests and perimeter defense.

Daemon Legion- Home to GOTR's clandestine operations sub-divisions featuring cloakers, sabotage specialists, reconnaissance and fast responders.

  • Shades:- A team of infiltrators (though not always in the Infiltrator class) whose missions include resource denial, scouting and intelligence, and tech benefit disruption. If it's behind enemy lines, they know about it and they know how to kill it.
  • Phantom Elite Strike Team (P.E.S.T.)-: PEST is a fast response tactical team trained to accomplish goals with only vague orders and little support. Each member is more than just a talented killer but a vital component to the success of the unit. In this team, your K/D is not as important as your ability to be an excellent team player.
  • Spectial Tactics and Response (SPECTRE)-: Spectre is the outfit's praetorian guard, it's Light Assault and Infiltrator focused SEAL teams. They are the first responders to any call from help from embattled outfit units, and are often called to open new flanks in response to enemy movements threatening outfit operations - all in the space of 3 minutes or less. They represent the elite of the outfit's special forces, striking fast, hard, and often dishing out a great deal of enemy harassment with impunity to hold off entire enemy platoons via creative emplacements of their 6 man teams.

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