Global Bullet Xchange

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Global Bullet Xchange
GBX Logo.png
Leader R0xt4R, Finilie, Nozi2000, Leoniizu, SinDioxide
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Server Cobalt
Tags/Abbreviations GBX
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[edit] GBX - The friendliest of friendly fire

GBX Banner.gif

[edit] Who we are

GBX is the sexiest NC outfit on Cobalt! We are an international community of players mainly from all over Europe, but we are just as proud of our South African, South American and Asian members. GBX also stands as a multi-platform gaming community, not only restricted to Planetside 2 anymore.

[edit] What we are

We are a casual outfit and welcome everybody into our ranks who is looking for co-ordinated team play and friendly people. Many of our members have multiple commitments, work, family, little kids - How often you are online is up to you. Our goal is to have fun as a team and include as many people as possible.

[edit] What we offer

GBX has a platoon going every evening, so there will always be mates online for you to roll with. Our forum is active and alive as well and as a latest addition, our Teamspeak server is open for all members. If you are new to the game you will find that our members will always help you with any questions and queries

And while we are a casual outfit we do not shy away from hard battles. Even though our spot in Server Smashes is often contested, we hold our ground and clench our fist to prove our worth on the battlefiled, never forgetting about the good old underrated fun!

[edit] What we are looking for

Friendly and open people who are having fun playing the game and working together as a team and outfit. Nothing more, nothing less. Our only requirement for new members is to register in our forums once you have joined the outfit.

Got your attention? Then register at our website[1] or you can look ingame for one of our leaders and officers :

Finilie, Leoniizu, Nozi2000, SinDioxide, ErikDARKNESS, Gullly, RobWestcott, zedcom, Cedarfax, Sajlent

[edit] Other outfits

GBX wants to maintain friendly relations with all outfits on Cobalt especially of course our NC brothers and sisters in arms. We have been cooperating with several of you and are looking forward to continuing to make NC the number 1 faction on Cobalt.

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