Goon Brigade

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Goon Brigade
Leader Mooks & Burnadus
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region EU
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations G00N
Stats Goon Brigade Stats

Goon Brigade is a European-based Terran Republic outfit reigning havoc and acting cruel on EU Miller. The Brigade revolves around the guerrilla way of waging war where we use the element of surprise and rapid movement to achieve our goals.


[edit] Background

You all might have heard of the armada coming soon and we're planning on doing something about that and show those filthy smurfs and barney scum what we Terrans are made of. Commanding Officer Mooks and we at Goon Brigade are putting together a special team and we need us a couple of goons. A brigade of ruthless goons. You might have decided by now to side with the Terran Republic, a choice well made recruit! However, it's now up to you to pick an outfit that you feel safe with, an outfit that will guide you, train you and take care of you. Well guess what? We're not that kind of outfit! We're looking for battle-hardened, relentless, blood-thirsty killing-machines that do one thing and one thing only. To commit cruelty among our foes. Our goal is to support our Terran brothers down at the front in any way we can. If that means clearing the road and leave behind a trail of smurf and barney blood, than that's our top priority. We're not your typical grunts, we're Goon Brigade. Welcome to the pack.

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