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The GYRADOS Outfit, Truly a majestic New Conglomerate outfit contain at-least 650+ member.

The outfit is an AU outfit meaning that you can only find it on the BRIGGS Server.

The outfit tag is [KARP][1] which is based on the almighty Pokemon MAGIKARP see more:[2] and is the pre-evolved form of GYRADOS [see more:[3]]

The Creator of the outfit is

Some of the officers are

The outfit specializes on full fledged operations to take over the continents Esamir and Amerish. KARP tends to avoid fighting at the Crown on Indar (Their Philosophy is that Indar is a lost cause), however will at times push North into the Desert if there is nothing to be done on Esamir or Amerish.

Members of a KARP run Platoon/Squad are expected to follow orders and objectives and will be kicked from the squad/platooon if not doing so.

The outfit has taken these continents since BETA

  • Indar- 10 times
  • Esamir- 247 times
  • Amerish-166 times

Some of our enemy outfits from other empires are the Trojan Trolls[4][TROLL] (Vanu); One Blood Gaming [5] [1B] (Terran)

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