Hundred Days Outfit

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Hundred Days Outfit
Leader Jal Calan
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region North America/Australia
Server Classified
Stats Hundred Days Outfit Stats

The Hundred Days Outfit is a Planetside 2 Outfit that is dedicated to Advanced Armor and Heavy Battle Tactics. They use cunning strategies to defeat their enemies where other soldiers don't even dare to go. They believe in the ideals of a strong democracy that's backed by a rigid and effective command structure to bring death and defeat to all who oppose them. Their belief is that through Valor and Bravery they can become legends in the hearts and minds of both their enemies and their allies.

They specialize in Armor Units but have some Air and Infantry squads for support for members who aren't armor fans.


[edit] Focus

The Hundred Days Outfit is focused on wielding Armor in the thick fights that normal Outfits would be beaten by. They use Advanced Heavy Battle Tactics to defeat their enemy in the thickest, hairiest fights. What does "Heavy Battle Tactics" mean? Heavy Battle Tactics is the art of attacking the enemy head-on in heavy battles that most players can't take. They use advanced tactics to defeat the enemy as quickly and efficiently as possible. But they don't support blind assaults and suicide charges. Operations are planned and squads are to follow orders to do things that less coordinated Outfits just can't do.

Things like Armor Flanking, Infantry Ambushes, and well-timed Galaxy drops are all tools in their arsenal as well as many other special tactics and maneuvers. Many of the tactics will also be made by members which means that there is a lot of room for creativity and tactical genius in the Outfit. Bright young minds will find a home there.

They also support Air and Infantry roles for those who aren't fans of armor. They have some good Air and Infantry groups too. After all, Armor is useless without support. And there is not room for failure at the Hundred Days. Players will also occasionally be called upon to perform roles that don't match with their squad type, should the mission demand it (e.g. An armor squad may have to fill the role of an aircraft squadron occasionally).

[edit] Recruitment Status

Recruitment is currently fairly slow as people have yet to sign up. But the first 10 members to apply will automatically rank up and the first 5 will become "Outfit Founders" and be forever held on their "Wall of Fame".

[edit] History

The Hundred Days Outfit was originally a guild that was started for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Soon after formation, they merged with the Guardians of the Republic Guild and the guild ended.

Six months later, the Guardians of the Republic crashed and most of its members abandoned ship. Jal Calan, seeing the opportunity to try his hand at another version of the Hundred Days Guild, broke off from the Guardians and founded a new Hundred Days Guild with a few of his friends. But the guild never took off. His friends never played and it took him another two months to finally even create the guild in-game. And by the time that happened, SWTOR began on its decline and his server of choice ran out of people. The Hundred Days Guild failed again.

This time, he's decided to try his hand at one last guild: an Outfit for Planetside 2. He is dedicated to strong team play and fine-tuned coordination. He is determined to succeed this time, no matter what it takes!

[edit] Attitude

The Hundred Days Outfit retains a relaxed, care-free mindset on the forums and during most small events. But on official ops, they are very organized and very firm about orders and plans. They believe that only through effective coordination and superior planning can they defeat their enemy anywhere.

They expect this attitude from all members who apply.

[edit] Command Structure

The Hundred Days Outfit is supported by a rigid and effective command structure. They use a typical military-style ranking system to decide how power is distributed. As a member does good things for the guild and gains seniority, they go up in rank. At Sergeant Major, members are allowed to apply for Officer positions, which will give them increased power in the guild, and the ability the plan ops and decided the fates of the Outfit and other members. Obviously, the higher the rank, the more important ops and decisions officers are allowed to make.


Recruit (Trial Member): all members start off as trial members to determine their compatibility for the Outfit. If deemed acceptable, they are promoted to private.

Standard Ranks:




Sergeant Major

Officer Ranks:


Captain (lowest required to plan ops)




General of the Army (unattainable, reserved for the leader)

[edit] Alliances

The Hundred Days Outfit is currently working with the leader of the Jet Bastards to form an alliance and join a comradeship. However, due to the lack of members, they have been rejected until their roster grows. Just a few members would put them back in favor, but there are currently no recruits.

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