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INI Elite
Leader Furiosus
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Europe
Server Miller
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[edit] INI Elite

INI Elite was one of the most well-known and respected outfits back on Werner; that reputation has still carried on - Even TotalBiscuit agrees!

We're big on organised operations, often behind the front lines. In PlanetSide, these consisted of resource deprivation (via gen-holds and hacks) as well as effective re-secures. We're team-players, its all about working together.

We use Teamspeak3 for comms and highly encourage members to be online when playing. (Mandatory during ops)

While you can read about the outfit history further down, its really about the new chapter for us.

[edit] Our Focus

INI Prides itself on being able to do with 2 squads, what other outfits require a full platoon to accomplish. We run as a highly organised, small-scale Spec-Ops unit.

We play seriously and push for success but without sacrificing the fun aspect of the game. The cornerstone of INI is working as a team over solo play.

[edit] Recruitment

To join INI Elite you must apply on our forums.

Make sure to read our Recruitment 101 thread

We're looking for members that are:

  • 18+ - Exceptions can, and have been made though.
  • Generally good at FPS and can hold their own in a firefight.
  • Good at multiple roles and versatile on the battlefield.
  • Excellent team players and can be relied upon by others.
  • Able to communicate well, and have etiquette on voice comms (A microphone is required).
  • Able to be active in the community.

In addition we ask that members are BR40 plus and meet our certification requirements of at least one class.

[edit] Conduct

All members of INI play by the following Code of Conduct:

  • Wear the [INI] tag with pride.
  • Do not cheat or hack in any way.
  • Show respect to all. Any abuse of members or other players will not be tolerated.
  • Obey the chain of command

[edit] History

"Ex Cineris In Ignis" (From Ash Into Flame) is our slogan.

Although INI Elite is an outfit in PlanetSide 2, we have roots further back in another MMORPG by the name of Ultima Online. In fact without the forming of the group on Ultima Online none of us would probably be playing PlanetSide today.

INI Elite was formed in May 2003 during the first week of Planetside's release on TR Werner (EU) server by veteran TR CR5 Stellerence and Radaeron. The outfit enjoyed much success and continued to go from strength to strength, even through the now infamous Bending of 2004. INI Elite became well-known and a force to be reckoned with.

Furiosus and Fara have taken up the mantle to lead INI in Auraxis with the advent of Planetside 2.

There you have it, a history of INI from its roots to the present day. INI has come to stand as a group of friends who enjoy themselves and have fun together.

So now you know all about our history why not join us and be a part of INI's future!

[edit] Leadership

INI Elite has a small group of Officers who oversee running of the outfit and its assets:

  • Furiosus - Outfit Co-Leader
  • Fara - Outfit Co-Leader
  • Merrin - Officer
  • Raumance - Officer
  • SteelDragon - Officer (Website and Propaganda)

You can contact any of us for a chat about INI

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