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Leader Tanchester / BarbaricGuard / iWazza
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region International
Server Miller

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[edit] History

JBOX is a Vanu Outfit on Miller. JBOX was made by Tanchester, BarbaricGuard and iWazza who are old clanmates from various other games, and who decided to move their presence to PlanetSide 2. JBOX started off with a couple of their old clan members, and it grew in a steady pace. After reaching near 100 members in a short time, the leadership decided to make cuts, therefore making JBOX a smaller, but more active outfit. JBOX became a smaller squad based outfit, specializing in galaxy drops and tactical team play, along side infiltrating deep in enemy territory and causing havoc.

[edit] Ranks

Shrek Master

Shrek Masters are leaders of the Outfit. Their job is to teach, coordinate and successfully lead squads and platoons.

Dank Master

Dank Masters are members who have been with JBOX for a long time and are trustworthy. They are given special tasks which influence the entire squad or platoon.

Dank in the Bank

Dank in the Bank are members who help out with common tasks, but also help their fellow members with questions and suggestions.

Money Shot

Money Shots are new members who have shown the will to contribute to the goal that is set by the squad or platoon leaders.


Scrubs are members who have been around JBOX a very short time and are still not worthy of complete trust.

[edit] World Domination Series - Season 1

JBOX has established connections with other Vanu outfits and is always helping with the Alerts and in late 2013, JBOX significantly helped winning the WDS Season 1, thus all of its members got the WDS Winners vehicle decal. [1]

[edit] JBOX Air Squad

JBOX has a special forces Air Squad that is consisted of Scythes and Liberators. Their job is to provide air and ground support to the ground forces. Scythe pilots are always flying in formation with a variety of tactics. Pilots are always connected in TeamSpeak or Skype.

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