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Leader Lessonteacher

AxisBond DyslexicSpartan NineFingers hotchipsanga

Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Australia
Server Briggs
Tags/Abbreviations JUGA
Website http://www.juggernaut-ps2.com/forum/index.php
Stats JUGG3RNAUT Stats
We are Juggernaut

Juggernaut [JUGA] is a TR outfit with a number of experienced active members who have been playing together since beta. Previously operating during the beta and early release as Aurora Gaming [AUG] / Terra Aurora [TAUG], Juggernaut was formed by the active members of that group who wanted to build a team of active players that can work together.

Ranked as the #1 outfit in Briggs by the PSU leaderboard (and #3 TR outfit in the world with 48+ members) and regarded by many as the hardest hitting outfit on the server, we have a core group of some of the best soldiers in the Terran Republic. And now we are looking to recruit YOU.


[edit] Battle Procedures

We focus on infantry combat primarily and follow a set of standard operating procedures developed through understanding the expectations of each other member and through working together closely toward combat cohesion.

What to expect:

  • To die if required to accomplish a goal regardless of KDR.
  • To target spawn locations such as sunderers and beacons as a priority if spotted or notified of.
  • To capture satellites around an objective prior to pushing onto capture points.
  • To secure primary objectives such as generators before wasting time with capture points.
  • To use momentum and sunderer / beacon positioning to drive an attack forward.
  • To learn... and to have support.

[edit] Leadership

  • LessonTeacher
  • AxisBond
  • DyslexicSpartan
  • NineFingers
  • hotchipsanga

With a number of leaders with large amounts of experience in running both large and small operations, Juggernaut is able to run successful squads and platoons for long periods.

[edit] Members

Our founding members are all experienced players who have played a lot of Planetside / Planetside 2 since release and during beta / tech test. We play together daily and prioritise teamwork above individuality.


Our newer recruits are players who have joined our open platoons and have enjoyed the tactical and intelligent style of play. After playing with us a number of times and going through what could be called a 'trial period' to prove they work well with the existing members and follow the orders of the platoon leader, they were accepted into the [JUGA] family. Alternatively, as our fame (infamy?) grows, many are actively approaching us about trialing to join [JUGA].

If you are interested in applying to join Juggernaut, go to our [forums recruitment section] and make a thread including your in-game name and what is your preferred play-style. You can also add the leaders of the outfit to your friends list in-game and let them know you are interested in joining the outfit. We will bring you into a squad and get you to play with us for a week or two to make sure you are what we are looking for, then if everything goes well you will get an outfit invite.

[edit] Outfit History

Active during the beta under the [WPPL] tag, we regularly ran some of the biggest and most successful operations on the server.

Since launch, we took the Aurora Gaming [AU6] (and later [TAUG] ) moniker, and ran small but highly organised and effective squads.

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