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We are a New Conglomerate outfit on Miller server started with a view to forming a community that has fun while playing Planetside 2. We welcome players of 21+ that have a mature outlook and attitude towards gaming and their fellow gamers.

Our intention is to, in the main, run as a fairly loose squad/platoon most of the time, with the occasional organised “event”, where we will expect as many participants as possible; although if you cannot make it you will not be ejected from a Gal at maximum altitude over the Vanu’s warp gate as a punishment. Well, maybe not anyway.
If you are a regular player, but due to that horrible thing called “Real Life”, do not feel that you would be able to commit to a more structured or organised outfit, please come to our website and apply, or chat to one of our members online and see if The Knights Watchmen would be a place to hang around.
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We use Teamspeak while playing and the use of that and a working microphone and headset would be a requirement of membership, but that isn’t too onerous a requirement we hope.
There is no restriction on your K/D ratio; we fully understand that some players prefer to run in support roles for the majority of their playtime.
As stated above, we would like The Knights Watchmen to become a fun community that the members enjoy being a part of and if you think you would like to help us build that, please apply and we’ll see you in game…..

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