Knights of the 29th Century

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Knights of the 29th Century
Leader Etrusk
Empire The Terran Republic
Region All
Server Cobalt
Stats Knights of the 29th Century Stats

Knights of the 29th Century are a small but effective outfit focused on tactcal squad play. The outfit is comprised of two main groups; the infantry Commando's and the Armoured Assault Pioneer Corps. K29C are currently recruiting additional members so if you want to get involved in some organised squads, get on the forums and drop us a message.

The Commando's specialise in fast-paced infantry combat. They are objective focused and highly coordinated, working together to achieve the impossible. The Commandos are often the first into the fight and their effectiveness standout in the heat of battle. The arrival of the K29C commandos often changes the tide of battle to the TR's advantage.

The Armoured Assault Pioneer Corps (AAPC) are the K29C's armoured brigade, focusing on advanced / experimental ground & air vehicle tactics. The AAPC provide vital fire support for the Commandos. Coordinating with other outfits, the AAPC know the best ways to enforce TR armoured superiority on the battlefield.

K29C also work a closely with a number of outfits, if you want to join our

PlanetSide Universe
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