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We are a gaming community who have been brought together by Malfunction (Dennis van den Hout).

What makes us (LmAo) special is how we go about maintaining the clan. This is not (like in most other clans) decided by the leader, but by our beloved members! Any decision regarding the clan will be decided by a poll on our front page. This ensures that all members can give their opinion! So as i (Malfunction) like to say: "Its not my clan, its OUR clan".

Apart from that we try to create a more fun game play for our members. We also, we provide tutorials and important information regarding the games we play, whenever someone needs it. Off course we also hold weekly competitions that any clan member can join!

Anybody can join our clan, we do not have any perquisites besides that our members act normal, and don't give themselves a bad name, whether this is in-game or when dealing with other clan members. Also, if we catch a member hacking or have proof that hes even looking into buying hacks, a kick from the clan AND a ticket to the owners of the game you're hacking in will be the punishment!

PlanetSide Universe
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