Long Forgotten Soldiers

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Long Forgotten Soldiers - VS - Miller [EU]

We had a large presence on Werner back in the good old days, centered around a policy of enjoying the game as opposed to dominating it. To that end we're happy to recruit anyone really as long as your willing to join in with us and have a laugh. We'd probably identify ourselves as a cavalry outfit as we used to run a lot of Magrider groups regularly and the very occasional bit of spec ops such as gen holds and whatnot. The decline in Werner pops made it difficult to find large scale field battles however.

We allied to Clowns around the time of Outfit Wars and ran a few joint events with them, Clowns active playerbase declined and we ultimately absorbed a lot of their remaining active players.

We also ran a few notable events back in the day too. A large liberator squadron at one point... 10-12 fully manned libs with lodey support...

Blew all the blowable Gens on NC Hossin SIMULTANEOUSLY at one point, man that was tense getting so many members onto a continent without creating a solitary hotspot and then coordinating the simultaneous gen drops with 30 odd players.

A HUGE multi-outfit Magrider event on Cyssor another time.

Loads of other events and lots of war stories.

Our active playerbase diminished with the Gemini merge but a few remained and kept the Outfit ticking over. More have returned now with the free month.

However all of our infrastructure remains in place, our TS server and Website, even though many players haven't played PS in a while we are still are in continual contact with the core members via our Forum and its looking like we will have a pretty strong presence in PS2 once again.

Leadership is

OL - Gimpylung

Officers - Predator4

        - Phebie
        - Yago
        - Elahhez
        - Mattaus
        - B7ynd

We can be found here...


PlanetSide Universe
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