Mafia Sharks

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Mafia Sharks
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Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region GB
Server Woodman

Stats Mafia Sharks Stats

The Mafia sharks [MFSH] is a currently small outfit looking to recruit new members to grow into a large community of Ps2 players to help dominate on the Woodman server. started at the beginning of June, we're planning on telling everyone to "get rek'd" and cruise around in Harassers. Ultimately we aim to compete in some small outfit tournaments and show everyone we're mafia ballers.

Criteria to become a Mafia Shark:

  • Over the age of 16.
  • Active Planetside2 player (inactivity will result in removal).
  • 25+ hours game time OR a capable player.
  • Ability to play as a squad.
  • Cooperative.

Criteria to be a TOP Mafia Shark:

  • Funny motherf*cker.
  • One shot knife MLG skill set.
  • Aimbot-esque reflexes.
  • Able to drive like Colin McRae.
  • Able to shoot from a Harasser like a Compton G.
  • The ability to employ a 'Leroy Jenkins' maneuver when losing a battle.


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