Malevolents of Xibalba

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Malevolents of Xibalba
Leader Archy
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region EU
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations MoX
Stats Malevolents of Xibalba Stats

[edit] MoX in Planetside

MoX have been active in Planetside 2 since beta, and the outfit was created at launch. We had a long history with the original Planetside where we played on the Werner server, and we specialised in spec-ops style play such as dropping generators to cut of benefits to front line bases or last minute galaxy drops to re-secure the control point.

This tradition of behind the lines fighting continued into Planetside 2 and rather than hitting the enemy forces head on, we use our smaller numbers to greater effect by flanking the main enemy body, and reducing its fighting efficiency by taking out important targets like AMS Sunderers, and heavy armour. We are mainly active on Tuesday and Saturdays 17.00 GMT onwards as our members are from European countries, with Tuesday being used for training and trying out new ideas, but we also sometimes open up our platoon to the public to use as recruitment. Saturday is our main operations night where we get our game face on and take it to the NC and VS.

The outfit is expanding and we are always looking to recruit like minded players for a more tactical approach to the game, rather than the application of brute force and numbers to bring victory. We are mature and friendly group and all applicants must be over 18. So while we play with a level of seriousness not to everyone's liking, we do so while still having an immense amount of fun and good natured banter on our voice coms.

Anyone who is interested in joining us, please visit our web site or contact Archy, PirateCat or Fallen in game.

[edit] MoX as a guild

MoX has existed since 1998 and has been involved in most MMO's and online games of the past 15 years. We have our own forums and Teamspeak 3 server and we are currently active in Planetside 2, Lord of the Rings online, Starwars the old Republic and World of Warcraft. There are also many people who are active in the smaller multi-player games and co-op modes of popular titles. Basicially if you have a mulit-player game, you can be sure someone else has it and is willing to play too!

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