Men In Turrets

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Men In Turrets
Tony - The MiT Slothstronaut.jpeg
Leader Beastman
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region European(ish)
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations MiT, VTT
Stats Men In Turrets Stats

“He may be a sloth and maybe not an Astronaut, but I believe he’s a champion Slothstronaut.” – Abraham Lincoln

[edit] Who are we?! Where am I?! Did you press that button?! Oh you shouldn't have done that...

We are the MiT! *Disclaimer* No not that MiT!! *End disclaimer*

We are an off-shoot group of an old Planetside 1 outfit called the Seadogs, in the old days we used to spend our time cracking gens, hacking bases and being a complete nuisance and well... only some of that has changed.

Nowadays you can find us flitting from battle to battle hunting down points and the next battle to amuse ourselves. (You have to roll with the sequel game you're dealt after all.) However the banter is still there, the "accidental" team deaths are still prevalent and Beastman can still claim he saw all the bad changes coming before they made it into development.

[edit] So what's the deal then?! You're talking gibberish man! Keep that door closed you'll let the heat out!!

So are we a serious military "yes sir", "no sir" style outfit? NAY! Don't be ridiculous this is Auraxis not Vietnam!

That's not to say we don't still fight our red and black hides off and get our warheads on but you won't be hearing anyone belittle you for accidentally TK'ing them or missing an objective(well at least not to extreme levels anyway!*cough*)

We go where the flow takes us, sometimes that's with the zerg and sometimes we strike out on our own. It really is all about what the group playing feels like doing at the time and if we are having fun doing it.

The numbers playing in our outfit varies from day-to-day the biggest showing of members is on outfit night which is on Tuesday every week. This is when we can usually end up fielding a solid few squads for general mayhem and disastrous antics. We don't completely favour one style of play for the other preferring to do what's needed and adapt at the time - be it planes, tanks or boots on the ground.

The main point of the MiT is to have a laugh! Yes PS2 doesn't have everything in yet and yes it's not like the old days! Also yes the Barneys and Smurfs are OP and team up on us every chance they get but hey they've been doing the same thing for the last 10 years.

So if you want to fight with us flag an MiT member down and ask to join a squad or if you end up next to us in a fight then give us a yell of VTT! However if somehow you're an enemy of the beautiful Republic and you are incredulously reading this then save yourself some hassle and just recall to warp now and spare yourself some embarrassment because there is nothing funnier to us than anarchist nut-jobs and spandex wearing cultists.

Now for crying out loud has anyone seen Gary Woodward!?!?!

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